Covid-19 Education Response

Tu clase, tu país is an organization born in Chile to improve the professional development of teachers and school leaders. In the past seven years, we have supported the training of more than 250.000 teachers in seven Latin American countries, with an innovative model and a world-class platform. Our commitment is to support the implementation of innovative strategies for teachers professional development and education continuity for students, in any context, in order to assure de right of a quality education for everyone.


Tu clase, tu país commitment includes contributing to close the digital divide an enhance connectivity for education, trough the availability of a world class platform and experience to assure the education continuity for students, implementing solutions and support at school or educational system requirement, to educational resources delivery and online classes.

Also, to empower teachers and improve their status, offering high quality professional development for teachers and school leaders, based on our updated strategies and focused on strengthening XXI century skills and develop new teaching practices.

Tu clase, tu país team has the knowledge and experience to support the definition of strategies, the development and instructional design of training programs, and the implementation of these programs on a massive scale.

Ongoing activities

Tu clase, tu país is supporting thousands of students through the availability of a world-class platform, which allows them to continue their studies in contexts of social distance. In addition, it offers training strategies and programs for teachers and school administrators, through an updated training strategy focused on the development of 21st century skills and the development of new and better teaching practices.